23 Nov Custom Invitation Requirements

Designing Your Own Custom Website Chat Invitations

We offer the opportunity for clients and partners to design their own unique invitation at no additional charge

These invitation designs can vary in color, shape, agent image, greeting message, design, etc.


We have a few requirements:


  • The image must have a button to ‘Start Chat’
  • The image must have a button to ‘Close Chat’
  • Only files of type JPG, JPEG or PNG may be uploaded.
  • File size must not exceed 50KB.
  • Create a smaller ‘Minimized’ version of invitation which will appear once the visitor closes initial chat invitation or starts a chat. The minimize state does not need a close icon.
  • Agent Image – please feel free to insert a static agent image which will always appear. You may leave an area blank on the designed invitation, allowing us to insert an agent image which can shuffle between images in our library (these can be selected) or remain the same.
  • Also available is a static chat bar and/or side tab which can be set-up by your ApexChat Client services Rep


Mobile Devices:


  • The same invitation as the desktop version can be used, or one can design a different customized invitation that is proportional and better suited for mobile devices. Please follow the same requirements as listed above.
  • Remember we always have a chat bar and/or tab with the entire color spectrum available; these are ApexChat system options and require no additional set-up on your end


Please let us know if you have any questions – We are always happy to help!

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