Other than for rising up search enging listings is SEO important?

29 Nov Is SEO important? 3 reasons (other than rankings) it is


If you ask people “is SEO important?” they’ll probably respond with a resounding “YES!” Ask that person why optimizing for search engines is so vital and they will almost definitely talk about rankings.

The “is SEO important” question should have a better answer than rising up search engine listings. Sure, that’s great. But is that one reason enough to demand significant investment? It may not be. However, it’s not the only reason SEO is a critical factor in improving your website and lead generation.

Optimizing your search engine ranking isn’t the only reason investing in SEO is so important. More visitors to your site is only the beginning of the advantages that come with SEO. These other reasons to improve page rankings are especially critical in today’s data-obsessed climate. Here are a few reasons (other than rankings) why SEO is important for your business:

Track returns on investment

Growing your business requires plenty of investments that are difficult to track. Luckily, SEO is not one of those investments. In fact, your effort to improve your search ranking will come with brand new metrics to track. Gauging this data will help you determine where revenue is coming from and how to optimize your online marketing and lead conversion. More specifically, by focusing on SEO you’ll have a better idea of who is arriving at your website organically, why they’ve visited your site and whether they’re converting into leads or customers. You may have to look into SEO tools to engage in long-term visitor tracking. Recording traffic and habits over a period of time will help you determine whether repeat visitors are more likely to make a purchase. Altogether the marketing metrics that come hand-in-hand with a focus on SEO will improve your understanding of your target audience.

Penguin is just one of the search algorithm updates Google has released in the past year.

Penguin is just one of the search algorithm updates Google has released in the past year.

Build a better website

Google frequently introduces search-ranking rules that almost seem designed to throw wrenches into businesses’ best-laid SEO plans. However, whether the search engine giant is asking you to conform to Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin or Pirate the goal is always the same: Convince businesses to build better websites. Google cares about the end user – or that’s what it wants you to think. All of its search algorithm updates prioritize helping websites that are built around user experience, rather than pages that focus primarily on driving up traffic or revenue. As a result, a side effect of improving your SEO is a better website. As your site grows more secure, easier to read, more visually engaging and more informative it will rise up the rankings, exposing it to new prospects.

Capture more data for targeting insights

Everywhere you look statistics are used to explain all kinds of phenomena. Data is everywhere whether it is being used to build a championship sports team or a blockbuster movie. By improving, SEO companies can bring more visitors to their websites and, as a result, pull insights from a larger pool of data. With your newfound SEO metrics – as well as the other measurements you use to gauge prospect behavior and desires – you can paint a better picture of your target consumer. Nobody will be surprised to hear that understanding prospects is the key to converting them into leads and eventually customers. The more data you have at your disposal the easier it will be to understand your website visitors.

SEO is about more than rising ranking up the rankings, it’s about ensuring websites are designed to improve user experience. That’s what attracts more visitors and provides you with the information you need to better understand your prospects and convince them to make purchase decisions. And that’s why the answer to the question “is SEO important?” is yes. When you focus on improving SEO you’ll ultimately build a better website. You’ll also have the information you need to improve insights into prospect decision making. And, in case you forgot, you’ll improve your ranking on search listings.

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