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Here a guest explains one firm's conversion to live chat.

12 Feb The Convert: An ApexChat Customer’s Journey



So said a plaintiff’s attorney seated at my table during a legal marketing luncheon this past summer. My response? A raised eyebrow and barely audible “Yikes!”

I didn’t interrupt at the time to explain why he should rethink his position. I got the sense he might feel as though I was merely pontificating about the number of potential leads he’s likely losing. But maybe he’ll see this—my plea for all law firms (every size, every type) to use chat software—and act, not because they do or don’t believe in it, but because their visitors demand it!

Having ventured several times down the road of redesigning my own law site, I’ve learned a valuable lesson: users don’t care about the color of my navigation bar or the pixel sizes of this and that, but I better give every possible type of visitor every possible way to contact me, INCLUDING reliable live chat support. Why? Because as the popular saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” It really is that simple.


To be honest, my own history with chat started in a similar fashion to those who refuse to implement it today. I never used chat software when I visited e-commerce pages or any other type of website, so I shrugged it off as a tool that others probably didn’t bother with either.

In fact, it wasn’t until I visited with an attorney friend at his office and asked about the ‘ping!’ noises coming from his intake area that I really began to become quizzical about live chat support. He explained that I was hearing chat invitations being issued by visitors to his website. I had heard just enough ‘pings!’ during that visit to convince myself to give it a try inside my own firm.


The results? I tried it and have never looked back. Live chat support helps more prospects contact me.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people who initially choose to chat with you won’t eventually call. Many of them will call, but only if you’re a skilled writer, able to express empathy and knowledge in the context of a real-time chat session.

The main purpose of chat software is to serve as an alternative entry point for a different type of consumer. It’s for the person that is a bit more reserved. One that demands convenience. One that doesn’t like to jump right into a phone conversation. Why should I exclude this pool of potential clients?


Once you’re ready to add a chat button to your site, the immediate questions become, “What vendor do I choose” and “How do I implement it?”

I currently operate a multi-state personal injury firm with offices in Indianapolis, Michigan and Albuquerque. Implementing any new firm-wide technology can sometimes be a bit tricky. That said, we have yet to encounter a problem ApexChat wasn’t able to resolve.

In addition to a solution for our time zone logistics and unique practice area requirements, Apex has also provided us with a simple interface that allows my own people to chat with potential clients during business hours. Their response time to my requests have been incredibly fast, and they’ve been accommodating to every new wrinkle we throw at them.


If you’re still unsure about the efficacy of using live chat support, let me offer up a recent statement made to me by a “chatter” (and eventual client): “I prefer chatting on a website because it’s like texting.” It’s like texting! Think about the popularity of texting—that says it all. And with more and more users viewing your website with mobile devices than a desktop, why wouldn’t it feel like texting?

If you decide to give chat software a chance, I’m happy to discuss the ways our firm is currently integrating the solution and what processes we’ve implemented to ensure each lead is fully captured.

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