These tips will help you improve your website bounce rate.

31 Oct 3 ways to reduce a scary bounce rate


Most people who visit your website drive up your bounce rate by leaving before digging any deeper than the homepage. 

This is especially true if you have a scary-looking website. Regardless of who you’re selling to or what you’re selling if you don’t have the tools to hold visitors’ attention they’ll leave. It’s as simple as that. The average website bounce rate is between 41 and 55 percent, according to RocketFuel. Numbers like that are more horrifying than ghost stories or murderous clowns.  Reducing that rate by even a few percentage points can drastically improve returns on investment in online advertising. However, with a few key adjustments, you can increase the chance visitors further explore and engage with your website.

Pay attention to design

Bad website design, difficult navigation and clunky layouts mean one thing: high bounce rates. A Google study determined website visitors’ first impressions form within 50 milliseconds. That’s not much time to convince people you fit their needs. Chances are if your website looks scarier than Freddy Kruger they’ll leave before taking any action.

For example, Simple SEO Group worked assisted a client with an “extremely dated” website and a 50 percent bounce rate. However, by improving the website’s layout and navigation structure, and modernizing its overall aesthetic, the online marketing company was able to cut the client’s bounce rate to 5 percent. That’s a big enough drop to give you some Hitchcockian vertigo. 

If your website looks older than a mummy, it probably needs an update.

If your website looks older than a mummy, it probably needs an update.

Optimize your website

The world reached a milestone in October 2016. No, it wasn’t the watershed moment when “Pride and Prejudice” and zombies were combined into one epic movie. Mobile web traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in history. That month mobile and tablet devices comprised 51.3 percent of all web visits, according to StatCounter. Even if your website looks great on a desktop, if it shows up ugly on a smartphone you’re going to lose valuable visitors before engaging them. In fact, if your website isn’t mobile responsive people might not even make it there. In 2015 Google announced that it was “expanding … mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” That means if your website loads slowly or fails to adapt to mobile devices it could tumble down Google’s ranks. 

Reduce engagement friction

When it comes to engagement, friction doesn’t generate heat. In fact, it’s the opposite, like we’re living in “Stranger Things'” Upside Down. The harder it is for someone to reach a representative of your business, the more likely it is that person cool on what you offer. The easier it is for website visitors to initiate a discussion about their needs, the more likely it is they will do just that. And on that note, one of the more effective tools you can provide your visitors is a live chat option. It’s all about response time, Kirk Parsons, senior director of the telecom services practice at J.D. Power, explained.

“The higher levels of satisfaction with online chat are partially due to the efficiency and immediacy of the experience,” he said.

 It allows them to connect instantly and stay engaged with a live chat agent. Adding live chat is so effective it can increase online leads by as much as 40 percent. Providing an option for SMS or mobile messaging can drive even more engagement

Keeping people on your website, and engaging with your content, is the best way to increase your online leads. By ensuring your website is good looking, navigable and responsive, as well as providing an easy means of communication with reps, you’ll tempt visitors to hang around longer than the normally would. That’s something the “Leprechaun” movies couldn’t achieve. And the longer they haunt your website consuming information, the more likely it is they’ll become clients.

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